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WKPS is a non-political environmental pressure group, registered charity 261992.   We have three main aims:

  • To protect and enhance the character and environment of the Wealden towns, villages and countryside
  • To safeguard the amenities of the Weald of Kent
  • To cultivate a wider interest in and care for the beauty, history and character of the Weald of Kent
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The Planning Committee met early December in High Halden.   This bulletin contains news relating to applications dealt with and decisions handed down since the last meeting in early October, as well as proposed future action on some current applications.

15/01280/AS Field west of Old Place Cottage known as Oak Tree Field, Woodchurch Road, High Halden Resiting of stables and formation of hardstanding to east of stables; hard surface track at field gate; installation of septic tank; formation of hardstanding under mobile home (part retrospective).  WKPS objected.
15/01374/AS Planesfield, High Halden — Removal of condition 2 of planning approval 14/00759/AS (Change of use of land to the stationing of 1no. mobile home and touring caravan for residential use by a gypsy family, hard standing and erection of an amenity block) to allow temporary use to become permanent.  WKPS objected.
15/508110/FULL The Croft, Church Road, Sandhurst, Cranbrook TN18 5NS — Demolition of garage, erection of side and rear extension, conversion of roof and insertion of roof lights and dormer windows.  WKPS objected.

15/00930/AS Breton Court, Grange Road, Tenterden TN30 6EE — Erection of conservatory to entrance of existing building with new trellis and changes to fenestration; erection of additional 26 bedroom care home building and associated works.  WKPS objected. WITHDRAWN BY APPLICANT.

15/00265/AS Squirrels Oak, Tenterden Road, Biddenden TN27 8BL — Proposed development of 5 dwellings and associated vehicular access.  WKPS objected. ABC REFUSED.

15/00939/AS Garage blocks to the rear of 35 to 37 Priory Way, Tenterden — Erection of a pair of semi-detached houses.  WKPS supported. ABC APPROVED.
15/01179/AS Haffenden Farm, Bugglesden Road, Tenterden TN30 6TG — Proposed solar array and fencing and use of existing pump house for control equipment. WKPS supported. ABC APPROVED.
15/01276/AS Hatchenden, Plurenden Road, High Halden — Change of use of land to use as a residential caravan site for one gypsy family with two caravans, including extension of hardstanding (part retrospective).  WKPS objected. ABC DECLINED TO DETERMINE because the application related to the development of land to which a pre-existing enforcement notice relates and was issued prior to the application being received.

12/01449/AS Kent Highways Depot, Ashford Road, High Halden — Outline application for demolition of existing buildings, walls and hard standing; erection of 20 residential units comprising 7x4 bed detached; 8x3 bed semi-detached; 3x3 bed terraced and 2x2 bed semi-detached dwellings; garages and parking spaces; associated works. WKPS comment not found. ABC APPROVED.

15/01313/AS Woodcock Green, Church Hill, Kingsnorth, Ashford TN23 3ET — Erection of 2 detached single storey timber-framed barn-style dwellings.  WKPS supported. ABC REFUSED.

15/01187/AS Land between 1 Tilden Gill & 34 Priory Way, Tenterden — Erection of a 2 storey block of 4 flats.  WKPS supported with provisos on parking. ABC PERMITTED.
15/00459/AS Land between Tyle House Farm and Mount Pleasant, Stocks Road, Wittersham — Outline application for 27 houses including 10 affordable houses with vehicular access, etc.  WKPS submitted comments pointing out obstacles to the application in the 2010 Tenterden DPD strategic plan. ABC REFUSED.

15/00742/AS The Meadows, Sandy Lane, Great Chart Construction of a dayroom.  WKPS objected. ABC PERMITTED.

15/00761/AS Milee, Nickley Wood Road, Shadoxhurst TN26 1LZ — Change of use of land for stationing of 6 mobile units and associated development on existing hardstanding. WKPS objected. ABC PERMITTED.

14/503346/FULL Land west of Lorenden Park, Highgate Hill, Hawkhurst — Residential development comprising 62 dwellings, access, parking, garages and car barns, hard and soft landscaping.  WKPS objected. TWBC REFUSED. APPROVED ON APPEAL. Hawkhurst PC has written to Secretary to the Planning Committee of State for Dept for Communities and LG expressing its and the residents dismay over the granting of the appeal: ‘This decision renders pointless a democratic process that has been engaged in by the village with TWBC in relation to both these applications and the Site Allocation Plan Policy Document. We (HPC) argued for brownfield sites to be used over greenfield sites. Accepted by TWBC planning committee, Cabinet and Full Council. Now will be overloaded on housing allocation with only 35 more houses needed to meet the 240 housing allocation. Planning inspector referred to 94 remaining to fulfil allocation this was the case in July 2014 but is not now.’  Hawkhurst PC respectfully requested that his office establish whether a substantially more equitable result can be arrived at for Hawkhurst.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This paragraph deals with actions planned rather than already taken.   Readers are asked to note that the opinions and action points  are those expressed by the planning committee as a whole.  They are not always final decisions.  Many items discussed at meetings require further research before we reach a final decision on action to be taken.
15/506646/FULL/MA Perfect Place, Maplehurst Lane, Frittenden Road, Staplehurst TN12 0DL —Variation of condition 01 of planning permission (13/0466) for two more mobile homes and two more touring caravans. There are many gypsy pitches on this road as on Lenham Road. Much local concern as new people continue to arrive. This site has a planning history spanning fifteen years. PC suggests that a new full planning application should be made rather than seeking to vary the condition of the existing consent. WKPS to object and suggest a full planning application, concern about loss of woodland as the development spreads, and query status of traveller due to length of planning history.

14/01000/AS Brockton Farm Paddock, Vicarage Lane, Charing — Change of use of the land for the stationing of 3no. mobile homes and one touring caravan for residential use by a gypsy family, the stationing of 2no. touring caravans, two amenity blocks and one stable/amenity block (partly retrospective).  This is an appalling situation; the applicant has added to the site over many years without planning permission and has defied appeal decisions. The continuing growth of this sire is of concern. WKPS to telephone the planning officer, prior to any submission, to establish why this application is taking so long to determine.
15/509288/OUT/MA Land to the north of Lenham Road, Headcorn TN27 9TU — Outline planning application for the construction of up to 67 no. dwellings including 40% affordable housing, associated public open space, ecological mitigation land and new vehicular access from Lenham Road. (ME) This site is very close to a flood zone and the development will only make flooding worse. school places issues, who is to maintain the eco/amenity/flood area? Holistic approach is needed for Headcorn but MBC is reluctant to do so.  WKPS to check whether this site is included in the neighbourhood plan before submission of  objection.

KCC/TW/0298/2015 Forest Farm, Nineveh Lane, Benenden, Cranbrook TN17 4LG — Erection of an anaerobic digester facility, comprising of two partially buried twin tanks with conjoined centre partition, one gas holder and two gas membranes located on tank roof, one process building to house controls and CHP units, one feeder, one digestive separator, one digestate drier, one transformer, one office/education facility and associated works.  WKPS to reiterate its previous objection to this application with additional points.

15/01476/AS Springwood House, Appledore Road, Tenterden TN30 7DH Extension to existing unit, erection of garage, and use of tourist accommodation as an unrestricted dwelling house.  WKPS to object on grounds that, if the holiday let is changed to an unrestricted dwelling house, there will be two separate permanent dwellings on the same site in the countryside where there was originally one. The proposal increases the existing building by 200%.

15/01471/AS Land rear of 88A-92A High Street, Tenterden — Two bedroom dwelling with associated parking.  WKPS to object on grounds of car parking spaces, loss of parking spaces and internal space standards.

15/01466/AS 1 The Street, Appledore TN26 2BU — Part demolition, restoration and conversion, and extension to existing site to six residential units, two of which will be live/work units.  This site is a mess; the proposal would improve it out of all recognition and will enhance the conservation area. The small units may be suitable for first-time buyers. But, attention must be paid to the visibility splay with space within the site for cars to turn around, egress must be forwards for safety. WKPS to support.

15/01459/AS The Surgery, The Street, Appledore TN26 2AE - Erection of 4 detached houses together with associated access.  The houses are 4 bedroomed and are the same size as the surrounding property in The Street. Considered to be in keeping and a good development. WKPS to support.

15/01533/AS The Surgery, The Street, Appledore TN26 2AE — Change of use of doctor’s surgery to a detached dwelling.  Former 2 storey surgery building. The only change in the conversion to a dwelling is to replace a window with a door. WKPS to support.

15/01539/AS Hendon Barn, Shadoxhurst Road, Woodchurch — Erection of a new residential dwelling.  The proposal is for a 4 bed house located outside the LBD on partly agricultural land. The design is ugly and is too large. No need for such a large house to be built for security purposes. This is an attractive, rural site. WKPS to object.



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